Some people get their start at a very early age, being involved in a family business or trade and have been around a workshop their whole lives.  For me it wasn’t until high school that I started to become more interested in building and constructing things.  It started out with model cars and moved up to small scale skateboard ramps and obstacles.  I got my first job at Michael’s and when sticking price tags on little bags of beads, fake flowers and yarn was no longer exciting (not that it ever was) I asked if I could spend some time in the custom frame shop.  It didn’t take long for me to get the hang of it and I found that I enjoyed the process of cutting the mattes and assembling the frames and then I could stand back and take pride in what I’d done.  I quickly became a “Certified Framing Technician” (enter ooh’s and ahh’s here).

While working at Michael's I also became interested in film and video production and started taking a couple introductory classes at community college.  After a couple years in the frame shop I had an opportunity to intern at a small video production company and that quickly turned into a full-time position.  That full-time position took me from being behind a counter to being behind a camera, and I left the classroom and headed to the editing room.