Some people get their start at a very young age, being involved in a family business or trade and have been around a workshop their whole lives.  For me it wasn’t until high school that I found an interest in building and constructing things.  It started out with model cars, small scale skateboard ramps and props for class project videos.  I got my first job at Michael’s and quickly found my place in the custom frame shop, and I enjoyed the process of assembling the frames because I could stand back and be proud of my work.

While working at Michael's I also became interested in film and video production. I enrolled in a couple classes at community college, but after taking some initiative in 1999 I had an opportunity to intern at a small video production company in town.  That quickly turned into a full-time position and I ditched the classroom and headed to the editing room.

After working there for about 4 years, I was picking up enough side work and was blessed to be able to do what we all dream of...quit working for the man...and be my own boss. I also married my incredible woman in 2004 and after a couple more years we transitioned my video production business over to photography and that's been our bread and butter ever since, but I found an unexpected enjoyment in building our wall displays for our wedding tradeshows....