FOR SALE – SawStop Table Saw 10 inch Professional Cabinet Saw PCS31230 220v 230v 3hp

If you follow me on Instagram (@stuffsethmakes) you might’ve seen that I recently won an amazing prize from the good people over at Acme Tools in North Dakota.  What was the prize?  Probably the most coveted table saw on the market!  I’m talking about the SawStop Table Saw.  The SawStop model I won is the PCS31230.  It’s the 10-inch Professional Cabinet Saw and boasts 3hp and runs on 220v power.  The contest was simple:  reviews tools listed on the Acme Tools website, with each review counting as an entry and then they’d randomly select a winner from all the entries.  Well…I had almost forgotten I even entered the contest when the email came in telling me I was the winner of this awesome saw!

Now, unless you’re a woodworker who has been living under a rock, you know that the one of the most popular features of the SawStop name is it’s blade stopping technology.  You’ve probably seen the photos SawStop puts out, with a woodworker showing off only a tiny scratch on their finger, rather than having no finger at all!  The way it works is like this:  There’s electricity in your body already. If your finger/hand/arm/face/tongue/whatever should happen to come into contact with the blade while it’s running, the SawStop technology senses the electric current from your body and somehow that electric current completes a circuit (or something like that) and causes the blade to come to an immediate stop and drop down out of the way.  Here’s a video from SawStop explaining how it works:


So anyway, with such an amazing saw, you’re probably wondering why I’m selling it.  Well, for a couple reasons.  First, I don’t have 220v power in my garage, and I can’t afford to hire an electrician to come out and run 220.  Next, it’s tax season…and I owe.  Yay!  And thirdly, I really need to improve the dust collection in my shop and I’m hoping to get a dust collector before too long.

I am fully aware that this is probably a once-in-a-lifetime win for me, and I’m bummed I won’t be able to take advantage of having this saw in my shop.  But that just means YOU get a great deal on an awesome saw.  When buying it online or at Rockler/Woodcraft/etc, this saw retails for $2899 plus tax and shipping/delivery, which will put you somewhere around the $3200 mark.  I’m asking $2500 for the saw, but I think I’ll need to limit purchasing to local/SoCal buyers only.  I got a freight shipping quote for about $1k so that doesn’t really make it much of a deal, so if you’re in the San Diego/OC/Los Angeles area, and you’ve got cash….I think we can make it happen!  🙂  Here’s my pics and info.  Please note:  this first image of the assembled saw is just a stock photo of the saw.  The saw I’m selling is boxed, unopened, and sitting on the pallet just as it was delivered a few days ago.


$2500 cash
Located in Escondido, CA.
Local transactions only (So Cal)

If you have any questions at all, please shoot me an email using my contact page, not the comment section.  Thanks!