Lil Scrappy Handmade Geometric Wooden Vase 1

I love this wooden vase from the “Lil Scrappy Collection” so much.  I’ve decided to make a collection called “Lil Scrappy” because everything that will be included in the Lil Scrappy Collection will be made using scraps and offcuts collected from larger projects in my shop.  The wood species used, and the layers in which they’re assembled will vary from piece to piece meaning every single product in the Lip Scrappy Collection is unique and one of a kind!  This particular geometric vase uses scraps and offcuts of walnut, wenge, red gum and butternut.  I love how the grain in some spots actually has a marble-like appearance and it’s all protected with a nice satin poly.  This particular Lil Scrappy Geometric Wooden Vase is about 3.5″ tall and about 3″ wide.  The hole is 1-3/8″ in diameter and 2″ deep.  This item is currently for sale in the StuffSethMakes Etsy shop.  Stay tuned for more items in the Lil Scrappy Collection as I’ll be adding more as quickly as I can!