The Original Recycled Wood Chevron Planter Box

A few years ago I had some scrap wood laying around and wanted to upcycle and build something with it.  This was also around the time when the chevron pattern was getting popular and starting to pick up momentum.  What I came up with was a really cool and fun chevron pattern garden box using recycled wood.  After I completed the build, I shot the following photos of it and put it on our blog:




Then one day, a few weeks after blogging this original chevron garden box, I noticed an insane jump in hits and blog traffic.  When I looked at the stats I noticed the traffic was coming from a blog post over at, where it had been a featured blog post.  Ever since then it’s been an endless (and awesome) flow of traffic as a result of additional blog features from sites like Apartment Therapy, 2Modern Blog and Roadkill Rescue, as well as literally hundreds of other blogs.  If you have featured my chevron garden box, thank you so much!  I’ve also found tons of pins on sites like Pinterest and Craftgawker.  It’s really cool to see my work all over the web and it’s super cool that everybody (hopefully everybody, haha!) that features my box has been linking back and crediting me for the inspiration.  Well….almost everybody.

I’m sure many of you recognize Matt Blashaw from the DIY Network.  I used to like him until I found out that he recently appeared on Good Morning America to demonstrate some projects and wouldn’t you know it…..



Personally, I feel like the boxes Matt Blashaw demonstrated look like total crap and I lost a lot of respect for him and the Scripps Network that he works for.  I’m sure that he just has an agent or somebody like that who does nothing but surf the web looking for ideas to steal and take credit for.  So whoever that is, they suck too.  It would be really cool if the Scripps Network and DIY Network and HGTV would be more like internet blogs and credit the original source of the project.  I’m sure I’m not the only person out there who shows like these have swiped inspiration from.  I understand I did not invent the “chevron pattern” or the “garden box” but I do feel I had the first recycled wood chevron pattern garden box.  All right….rant over  :)

Long before Matt’s terrible chevron garden box hit Good Morning America I wanted to make another box in a different size, higher quality and with more attention to detail.  The result was my Recycled Wood Chevron Garden Box V2 seen here:





I’m really happy with how the boxes have evolved and it’s fun to think of all the other ways I’ll be able to incorporate and improve on this design.  Anything from colorful outdoor garden ideas to giving it a modern twist and bringing it indoors….the sky is the limit!

If you or someone you know is interested in placing a custom order for a Chevron Garden Box, please contact me through the StuffSethMakes Contact Page.  If you’re interested in any other kind of project I would love to hear from you and get some details about your project!  I look forward to hearing from you!

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