Modern Boutique Clothing Rack

I love the opportunity to make something I haven’t made before.  Sarah from Oh Little One in San Diego contacted me about a clothing rack for the toddler apparel she sells.  After letting me know what she needed, I drew up some sketches and ran it by her.  A couple brainstorm emails later and we had a plan!

Each new build has it’s own unique hurdles.  From figuring out the angles, to deciding on the joinery, materials and the finish.  It’s like a puzzle and it’s tons of fun!  Sarah wanted a light and airy feel so we decided on simple birch plywood along with poplar dowels.  The whole thing disassembles into 4 pieces…the box, two separate leg units, and the hanging rod.  The box part of the design serves double duty.  It’s a platform to display business cards, extra product, or other decor and when disassembled it flips over and becomes a box to carry stuff (as you can see it has handles on the sides).

Some of my favorite details about this project are the subtle ones.  From the rabbet joinery on the dowels to the plugged screw head holes to the hand-sanded rounded dowel tips…it’s all my favorite.  Then I finished it off with some fine sanding and satin poly.

I hope you like what you see!  I would love to throw around some ideas with you for your next custom project.  If you need any displays for your boutique store, trade show or even something for your home, please don’t hesitate to contact me so we can get the ball rolling!  I look forward to hearing from you!