Redwood Fence With Hogwire Mesh

This fence style is one I’ve been wanting to build for a while.  When the opportunity came up to build one for somebody, I was eager to get started.  I had built a custom chicken coop for these homeowners last year but after a year of having chickens, the poop and mess was becoming an issue across their backyard and patio so the homeowners wanted a fence to keep the chickens contained in one particular area of the yard.  Enter StuffSethMakes.

I started by taking a measurement to see how long the fence needed to be.  Height also needed to be considered because the chickens can actually jump pretty high.  Based on the measurements, function and style, the following is what I came up with using Google Sketchup:



The design quickly got the homeowner’s approval and I went to work picking up the redwood fence materials, concrete, gate hardware and of course, the welded wire hog fence product.  I LOVE this hog fence/welded wire stuff.  It’s thick and sturdy and it looks really cool.  The hole pattern on this particular welded wire fencing is the 3-inch hole pattern, which is actually about 2.8-inches when you take into account the thickness of the metal.  Being a one of a kind custom build, there were a couple little obstacles to overcome but a little brainstorming and problem solving and the job is done and it looks awesome and does exactly what it’s supposed to do.  Over time, the redwood will weather (even with the Thompson’s Water Seal product I used) and the metal fence will rust, giving it a really cool look.  In the last photo you can see the chicken coop I built for these homeowners last year.  Still going strong and the chickens are popping out more eggs than they know what to do with!  🙂  Enjoy the photos!



If you or anybody you know is in need of a custom build of some sort, whether it’s a modern fence like this one, or a custom garden box setup, be sure to use my contact page and shoot over an inquiry with details about your project.  Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you!